Adnan Sami: “The Padma Shri was nowhere on my radar

MCAI - 14 Feb 2020

Adnan Sami is overjoyed about receiving the Padma Shri award by the Indian government this Republic Day, despite the criticism surrounding his win.

“It came to me like a bolt from the blue. It wasn’t as though I nursed a teenyweeny ambition of getting such an honour. The Padma Shri was nowhere on my radar. So, when I got the call informing me that I was being honoured I was like… in a dream. I can’t thank the Government enough for finding me worthy of the honour. I am glad I got it while I’m still young. I feel fuelled and charged into doing more work, to prove myself even more worthy of the honour,”  Sami told Deccan Chronicle.

Addressing the negativity around his win, he said, “I can understand your frustration.  I have it (the Padma Shri). You don’t. I am the one being honoured by our Government. You are not. I can understand you frustration and bitterness.”, adding that, “30 percent of them are jealous and frustrated  with their own lives. Another 30 percent are attention seekers who like to bash celebrities just to feel different from the crowd. 20 percent are misguided souls. And the rest of the 20 percent actually believe the rubbish they write about people in the limelight. Why should I believe the trolls when there are 1.3 billion people out there who are with me?”


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