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MCAI - 10 Oct 2018

Welcome to the website of the Music Composers Association of India. We are a group of composers and supportive organisations, whose aim is to represent India’s composition community on matters of national and international importance.

If you consider yourself an accomplish composer, then we urge you to join MCAI.

Now this all important question-What is MCAI & What will MCAI do for me?

The Music Composers Association of India is the association for all amateur and professional composers in India. MCAI provides opportunities to composers through its Workshops and outreach programmes. MCAI also lobbies on behalf of its members to improve the situation for composers in India. MCAI is a non-profit organisation, registered with Trade Union Act, 1926 and welcomes donations from anyone who supports our aims and objectives.

Now, Why should I join MCAI, and how much does it cost?

To help MCAI achieve its aims of supporting the professional development and opportunities of composers, but also to create a sense of collegiality and community amongst the composers.

For information about membership rates and types can see the Join MCAI page.

MCAI provides a network and infrastructure to help bring our country’s composers together.


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