Meet Bros: We are excited to be judges and mentors to talented singers

MCAI - 25 Jan 2021


There are many composers and musicians who are mentors at various shows. What makes composer duo Meet Bros different is that they are also inspired by the platform they work in.
“We have been associated with the Mirchi cover star since the last three years and we must say it’s been quite a journey. This platform also encourages us to create more and more music for our listeners,” says Harmeet.

When it comes to the self-taught musician duo who are known for their peppy and fun tracks, 'Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan', ‘Baby Doll', Radhe Radhe', 'Main Tera Boyfriend', 'Kinna Sona', 'High Heels Te Nachche' and others, not many know that they are self-taught. And they love to see all the fresh talent.
Harmeet says, “It is overwhelming to see the kind of singing talent we get to witness from different parts of India. We are happy to be able to mentor such unique voices that we get to hear from across the country. This platform is ideal and probably the best one for aspiring singers to achieve their dreams. We are sure in 2021 India is going to get a new voice that will move mountains.”


The composer duo are looking forward to seeing and hearing the talent that comes to this platform from all across the country.




Manmeet says, “We are excited to not only to be a part of the contest as judges, but also as mentors to the winner and our performance at the Mirchi Music Awards. New Year, New Talent – is what I have in my mind. I am so excited to witness such fresh talent from across India. I have sung songs across various languages and genres and what excites me the most about music is that each singer has his own personality, which reflects in his performance.”

The composer duo feels that they get to see a bit of them in the participants. “I am sure to see my own reflection of when I started my singing career in the contestants that I am about to witness. I can relate to the excitement and preparations that all the contestants must be going through. Not only is this a very efficient platform for those who love to sing, but the opportunities that the winner will be getting are immense,” says Harmeet.

Manmeet adds, “Being a judge, I am sure it’s going to be very difficult for me to select one winner from the array of talent that is going to participate, and I am so excited about it.”




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