TV helped us: Musical reality show participants

MCAI - 22 Nov 2022

TV has kept us so fresh in the minds of people, it’s unbelievable. My first stint on TV was in 2004 with Indian Idol. The kind of impact the show and the medium had on people back then contributed hugely to where I am today. Since there was no social media or OTT back then, TV had a huge role to play. TV gives you unparalleled popularity and exposure.

Abhiijeet Saawant

Indian Idol was a launchpad for me. Every singer needs a stage to showcase their talent and TV became that medium for me. It helped me find my way into the industry. Since there was no social media back then, making it to the screens was a big struggle. I never dreamt of reaching every household. TV helped me get there. And such TV reality shows continue to be a huge platform for many. Social media definitely boosts that exposure.

Pawni A Pandey

I participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs in 2006 and it was definitely a launchpad for me, as it took me to every household. Whenever I tried to meet any music director, they already knew my name and that I was a singer. That was a huge achievement in my career. Back then, if you wanted to be recognised, create a face value or showcase your talent, TV was the most impactful medium as there was no social media/YouTube to put your work out there.

Antara Mitra

Back in 2006, cable TV was the biggest source of entertainment for people. And that was the time when reality shows were coming into the picture. Being on TV used to be a huge deal. I still remember the names of the participants of AntakshariSa Re Ga Ma or Meri Awaz Suno. I took part in the second edition of Indian Idol and that changed my life instantly. All thanks to TV and the show, a girl like me, who hailed from a lower middle-class background, could come to Mumbai and pursue her dreams.

Mohammed Irfan

I come from Hyderabad and when I shifted here, the biggest challenge for me was to find a foothold in Mumbai. I participated in TV shows like Voice of India in 2007 and Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star season 2 in 2012, and that helped me a lot in sustaining in the city. Since there was no social media back then, TV shows were the only medium for young talent to get recognition. We had only a few musical shows and it was not easy to get selected. The competition was tough, so the reward and recognition from those shows also lasted for a long time.


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