About MCAI

The MCAI -:

The MCAI formerly known as the CMDA was established on June 21st, 1958, (which is also now the "International Yoga Day", and the "World Music Day"), by iconic & eminent Indian Films' Music Composers.

With the change of name from the CMDA to the MCAI, the ambit and scope of the association has expanded to include All of India and the Rest of the World.

The activities include a range of new responsibilities and duties, towards the music composers’ fraternity of India.

From being an organization representing only the Film Music Composers’ Fraterity, the MCAI now also consists of composers from Television, Advertising and the Non Film Music Fraternity.

Most established and budding composers of India are members of the MCAI.

The MCAI strives to protect the interests of Composers in every possible way, and also prevents and preserves them from being exploited


Our Vision

The MCAI formerly known as CMDA has been around for years with all eminent music composers as it's members. With the change of name the ambit and scope of the association has been expanded to include the whole of India and the activities include a range of new responsibilities and duties.

Our Mission

The Mission: 
The MCAI firmly believes that Intellectual Property Rights music released in public domain for a commercial value belongs to Composers & Authors, and the royalties emenating from these should be inalienable, and fairly distributed amongst composers of Back Ground Music Score and Songs. 
The MCAI is committed to fighting and safeguarding these Intellectual Property Rights and also strives to educate composers, towards options available to them when signing agreements with their respective clients.  
The MCAI is actively engaged in multi pronged activities at parliamentary, legal and unionistic levels to clarify, sustain and prevail the status of composers' rights. 
It is the culmination of these efforts that has led to an awareness among composers and the general populace, about the legal & intellectual rights of composers. 
The Philanthropy: 
Enhance the quality of life and the professional cause of Music Composers, Nationally