Fees and Usages

Joining fee

(one time)

Rs. 11,000/-

(Plus 18% GST)

Annual fees

(On Pro-rata Basis)

Rs. 500/-

(Plus 18% GST)

Join Now

(On Pro-rata Basis)

Rs. 11,500/-

Work Levy Fees

Rs. 100

Per track/theme/composition for registration of unreleased works. Note: On release of the works, the applicable levies will be payable by the members, despite having registered a job as an unreleased work. This clause for unreleased works is only to secure the interests of members with respect to clarity on ownership of works, in the instance of plagiarism.

Rs. 1,000 per Film Song (Max 5000 for per Film Song)
Rs. 5,000 per Film Background Score
Rs. 500 per Advertisement Track
Rs. 500 per Non-Film Album
Rs. 1,000 per TV Show Song/Title Track
Rs. 1,000 per TV Show Theme
Rs. 500 per month for TV show Background Score
Rs. 0 per episode for dolby (5.1 surround) TV shows

An additional 18% GST will be applicable on all the above mentioned Fees & Levy