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What song's lyrics really wrap you in to a story?

For me, one of those songs is Josh Ritter's "Temptation of Adam". It's such a wonderful piece of storytelling about two people in an underground fallout shelter with a nuclear bomb who fall in love in the pre-apocalypse. It's incredibly evocative and creative, and the lyrics are just so amazing....

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Identifying Classical Music

Need help in identifying a piece of classical music? This is the forum area to place your questions and answers. If you need help in identifying a piece of Non-Classical music or a song, please post in the section under Non Classical Music Many members would prefer not visiting unfamiliar sites to download files, so we would kindly request that you upload your musical clip to the forum, perhaps using the Youtube tags. See the sticky post for more information on how to upload to the forum....

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Music Forum Policies and Guidance

The music forum is the place to talk about music. This includes albums, bands/artists, and everything in-between. This thread outlines a few of the forum policies that help maintain a smooth and consistent environment.Thread Titles & First PostAlbum vs BandBand threads are for discussion about a band or artist. The most common topics include unannounced new music, tours, and other generalized conversation about a specif...

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