Why should I join MCAI ?

  • You become part of a 50 year old organization having as its members such stalwarts as Shankar Jaikishen, R. D. Burman, Naushad, Ravi, O. P. Nayyar, Laxmikant Pyarelal and many more such greats.
  • You enter a musical fraternity which combines together to work for the common good of all music composer brethren.
  • You by default become part of the FWICE the ONLY organization representing the best interests of all Film and Television workers, technicians and artistes.
  • Financial obligations due to you are safeguarded.
  • A systematic and organized way of working with contracts designed by our legal experts.
  • Safeguarding your future and your heirs future by becoming the owner of your intellectual property rights.
  • Peaceful resolution of all intracraft and intercraft disputes.

So come forth and become a member if not for anything else but for YOUR BEST INTERESTS


Constitution of The MCAI

Download PDF Here