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Women’s Cell intends to organise their first workshop soon

MCAI Buzz - 03 Feb 2020

From the Desk of Sangeeta Pant

The Women’s Cell of MCAI organised it’s first meeting on the 3rd of December 2019. Am happy to inform it had a good turnout of around 20 out of 100 odd members. There was exchange of experiences and discussions regarding the issues that the women composers specifically face in the music industry and how the Women’s Cell can help in such matters.
Also the members showed keen interest in enhancing their technical skills and suggested that workshops be conducted for the same.
It was a very fruitful meeting and
the  Women’s Cell intends to organise their first workshop soon.

Sangeeta Pant


From the Desk of Anahita Shetty

Mentioned below is my observation for the meeting conducted. 
1. It was a great forum where we got a chance to interact with some of the most talented female music composers. 
2. The leads of the women cell asked them to share their experience and challenges in the industry. 
3. They were overwhelmed to share their experience and also were comfortable to share their challenges. 
4. With the consent of everyone we came up with a suggestion to conduct a workshop where we would invite some directors and producers who were in the search of some new creative compositions and songs too. This would help and encourage everyone to showcase their talent to the respective director or producer. 
5. They also suggested that they would like to create a song dedicated to the women cell and publish it later on our website. Request support from the organization. 
Areas of improvement:
1. More participation of members would have enhanced the session. 
2. Intervention and more guidance of seniors in order to avoid any kind of confusion. 
3. A forum that allows everyone to convey their thoughts with loads of freedom and without anyone feeling offended.
4. Let the speaker speak without any interruption, post which one can express our views or opinions with regards to the same.
5. Encourage members to attend most sessions and workshops for their betterment and success. 
6. To support and help female members to achieve their goal in the industry, so that they could spread a positive word of mouth about the association and encourage more composers to join it. 
Warm regards, 
Anahita Shetty
From the desk of Rupsha 
MCAI female wing has brought together many female composers who are having various issues in work that are not always comfortable enough to share with any male counterpart.. unitedly it's giving a strength that I am not the only one facing such issues and together we can change the scenario.. Many are even shy to go out and find work even being good at it.. besides a zeal to learn new things through organizing workshops has also come out.. overall it's a great initiative and is giving a high feeling of security against various women exploitations in the industry..
Warm Regards 





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