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Flautist Paras Nath talks about his journey in the world of music and In Bollywood

Non Fims - 18 Jul 2019


Your father Pandit Amar Nath has been a legendary flautist, apart from being a music composer and music conductor. Is that the reason you picked the flute as your instrument?

Yes, my father Pandit Amar Nath ji, who also happens to be my guru, inspired me to become a flautist. He has just not inspired me but several musicians across the world who aspire to carve a niche for them in the world of Indian classical music.

Your gharana was known for shehnai vaadaks (players). How did the switch to flute happen?

Actually, the musicians in our family played both the instruments with equal ease. Our gharana was known for people who had mastery over shehnai and baansuri. I was more inclined towards playing the flute and hence, I am more recognised as a flautist.

What is that one aspect of flute that you find most fascinating?

It is difficult to pick that one quality that fascinates me about the flute but I think there is a charm and magnetism about the way it sounds. The sound coming out of a flute is very pure and divine. It directly connects to the heart.

You have played extensively for films, most recently in Manmarziyaan and Kedarnath. Is it easy to align yourself with the vision of a Bollywood composer?

I have worked as arranger, music producer and composer in several Hindi and regional films and non-film albums. I have shared a good equation with all the composers I have worked with so far. If a good opportunity comes along, I would love to compose music for a Bollywood film.

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