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He was always there for Music fraternity : Raju Singh

MCAI Buzz - 02 Jun 2020

Young Wajid's sudden departure is a huge or irreparable loss to the music world. I want to tell that for the music Composers and songwriters, in the long battle fought for royalty, to protect their interests, Wajid often played his role by being ahead and always ready. He used to be there for any support in any which way possible and at any time. 

His father Sharafat uncle asked me to teach Wajid the guitar, while I myself was learning guitar in those days. So we were very old friends.He used to meet very heartily, affable. My messages were always answered without delay. This time no response was received on Eid, it was found out that he is in ICU.

The great sweet soul associated with music has gone away from us!


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