MasterSession 1: Copyrights & Royalties for Composers/Authors

19 Apr 2018     4 PM - 6 PM     Shzaam Studios

A great opportunity for budding composers/authors and musical artists to explore the mysterious domain of copyrights and royalties and understand essential aspects of what you own and what you give away.

Learn the essentials first hand from our speakers, two individuals who’ve been in the industry for a while; 

Achille Forler (Former Managing Director Universal Publishing) with decades of experience in the Global Music Industry and in India along with Viveick Rajagopalan(Percussionist and Composer par excellence) a prominent fusion artist who’s been playing since his childhood.

Address :- Unit no. 5, Kilfire House, C17 Dalia Industrial Estate, Near Fun Republic, Off Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai 400 053

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