MasterSession 2: Registration of works and Cue Sheets

23 Jun 2018     4 PM - 6 PM     Shzaam Studios

Making hits may come easy but making money is the tough part. We’ve got all the help you need to make it big!

A great opportunity for budding composers/authors and musical artists to explore the mysterious domain of Cue sheets and the process of registering your work.

Cue Sheets are documents containing a list of an artist's work while also recording permissions to use these pieces in different works, making the music monetizable. Thissession will focus on how to create your very own cue sheets and registering/protecting your work by our esteemed speaker Sherley Singh, founder of Joshua Royalties and a professional with over 8 years of experience.

Address :- Unit no. 5, Kilfire House, C17 Dalia Industrial Estate, Near Fun Republic, Off Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai 400 053