A smiling face of music went away : Raju Singh

Condolences - 22 May 2021

A smiling face of music went away : Raju Singh Composer - Arranger Uttam Singh ji introduced me as a musician to Ramlaxmanji as an Acoustic Guitar player when I was just 18 years old. In the very first meeting, his always smiling face made a place in my heart. Whenever we met, that smiling face of his always made the atmosphere musical and I loved it very much. He lived it up to his positive attitude till the last moment. My initial meeting with him was when he was composing music for Dada Kondke ji's films, I used to meet in Bombay lab as a musician, and I remember that his diary with song lyrics used to lying there on the harmonium and I would turn the pages out of curiosity on read , he would say, 'You will not enjoy reading only, rather you will enjoy when I will sing and make you listening! He used to sing well and used to tell us a lot of stories if he had time. Thanks to Uttamji, I got the opportunity to work with him for 'Main Pyar Kiya' and 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun'. In 'Maine Pyar Kiya', being a big Rajshree film there were new talents being introduced including Salman Khan and Bhagyashree, but for Ramlaxmanji, the films were never small or big. He used to make music with the same enthusiasm for every film. It was my luck and great fortune that I got to worked with him in many films as a Guitarist. Apart from films, since he has been very spiritual and deeply involved with the 'Divyajyoti Trust', he also did a lot of work for Guruani and for that I used to have a meeting at 'Radio Gems' , he would call me with a Guitar and then he would make spiritual music. He himself wrote many such songs as well. I remember he used to call me often and we used to sit and talk about music, his son Amar used to be with us. And he always spoke, 'Teach him too and explain and make him understand the' Staff notation'. Amar played the Key-Board very well. Ramlaxmanji was always clear about his music, his tunes. His tunes also used to carry all the elements of simple and catchy, and if you notice you will find that he used a lot of Maharashtrian touch rythm beats in his music and ended up doing a lot of Marathi films. Again and again, I recall the same smiling face and the Cap of divine enlightenment (the Cap was the identity that he was associated with the Divyajyoti Trust) that gave him a typical image and which became his identity and he was always the same when he met us like a spiritual teacher. I would say that a smiling face of music went away.


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