Deadlock between Singers & Labels Continue (SoundBox-Jan 27th 2014)

Lot has been brewing between the music company T- Series and singers of the film Heartless over the contract given by the film's producer Shekhar Suman. Nigam after he raised his voice against the clauses in the contract was replaced by Mohit Chauhan. The other singers on the album include Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chaauhan, Arijit Singh, Nikhil D'souza and Neeti Mohan.

Suman had informed that he was given the contract by T- series and unless he would get these contracts signed by the singers, the label would not release the music of the film. In fact, the music of the film had a limited release, reads a press note by Singers Association of India (SAI). The release further reads that the music company has adopted this process where they insist on the producer of the film to obtain the signature of the singers on the contract formulated by them. The producer merely hands them to the singer and asks them to sign

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