Singers' Fight with Industry (SoundBox-Jan 27th 2014)

As if convincing labels isn't arduous enough, singers have the uphill task of making users pay, Sound Box finds "We have to sit across the table and negotiate on mutual terms," these lines were part of every interaction we had  with the fraternity while researching for our cover story. Be it the music label, broadcaster, licensing body Indian Singer's Right Association (ISRA), singers or producers. The moot question here remains - Who shall initiate this?

Presumably, if the concerned parties had talked earlier, the whole pandeemonium leading to the amendment of the  Copyright Act might have been avoided. It appears that lack of communication is what is leading to the commotion that  is filling reels of newsprint. Media, the platform that these entities are using to put across their view point, has been reduced to a medium of personal bickering. Taking digs at each other publically, all they are exhibiting are cracks in the
system - something the users will be happy to use for their own benefit.

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