International MUSIC - 30 Nov 2020

There’s a gadget in the market that just could become a saviour for cinemas faced with low footfalls due to COVID-19. This device, known as Coronaguard, is made by Forbes and powered by Shycocan. It is said to be a revolutionary virulence prevention and containment device that attenuates 99.9% of coronavirus in the air surfaces, within closed indoor spaces. It reportedly provides real-time protection against infection from coronavirus and has been notified by the US FDA under Enforcement Discretion Policy.

As is well-known, a lot of people are wary of visiting cinemas after the pandemic because they fear that they could contract the virus as they would be seated in an enclosed space for two to three hours. This has been the biggest hurdle for single-screen cinemas and multiplexes in attracting people despite safety and sanitisation measures being followed by them. If the Coronaguard is indeed effective in disabling the coronavirus, as is being claimed, cinemas could install it and widely publicise this to win back the confidence of the audience.

Forbes’ Coronaguard is a plug-and-play device which delivers the necessary signals to photon-mediated electronics emitters (PMEE). This produces hypercharge high-velocity electrons that interact with the negative-seeking S-protein of the Corona family of viruses, thus reducing infectivity and preventing air- and surface-borne transmission of the corona family of viruses.

Its price is Rs. 19,999 (inclusive of all taxes).

According to Forbes, the salient features of Coronaguard are:
(i) Attacks, disables, protects. Upto 99.9% viruses are disabled on surfaces and in the air, giving real-time protection against infection from coronaviruses in closed spaces.
(ii) It is equipped with Electron Cloud Technology. Its hypercharged canon fires trillions (10-100 trillion per second) of negatively-charged electrons.
(iii) It is conceptualised and made in India.
(iv) Does not leave any stains.
(v) Odour-free,
(vi) No chemicals used.
(vii) Provides complete coverage in every corner and on every surface.
(viii) CE mark with Class 1 designation.




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