World tour planned for ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ virtual concert experience

International MUSIC - 01 Mar 2023

Universal Music Group chairman Lucian Grainge revealed in a company earnings call per Variety on Thursday (March 2): “Plans are now in development to take ‘ABBA Voyage’ around the world”. No other information – including targetted cities, venues and dates – has been announced.

ABBA’s Voyage experience debuted at the ABBA Arena in London in May 2022. It is currently slated to run through January 2024. Tickets can be purchased here.

Voyage scored a five-star review from NME‘s Andrew Trendell, who attended its premiere on May 27. “Ageing rockers and poppers are bound to imitate the idea, but it’ll be a struggle to come close to the experience of ABBA Voyage. We for one welcome our new ABBAtar overlords, if only for giving these songs back to us in a totally new and joyful way,” Trendell wrote.

Speaking to NME at the premiere, the show’s producer Svana Gisla and guitarist Dom John shed light on the future of Voyage. When asked if Voyage could be the last the world sees of ABBA, Gisla said: “I think this is the final thing. They’re quite genuine in that, but they’ve said that before. I think this is it. It took a lot to make and it was hard work, from us and from them.”

Meanwhile, John said he could see the show going on for “multiple years, maybe” when sked how long he expected to be performing as part of the ABBA released ‘Voyage’, their first studio album in 40 years, in November 2021. The record garnered a three-star review from NME‘s Nick Levine who noted: “There are some bumpy moments along the way, but this ‘Voyage’ is a nostalgia trip worth taking.”


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