MÃœST in Taiwan still wants to create some opportunity for its members to work together

International MUSIC - 17 Aug 2020

In 2018, MÜST set up a Multimedia Room in its office, and many training projects for its members have been launched since it opened.

Photo ©: MÜST

The experienced members of MÜST, including some artists, have been invited to lecture on their specializations in the Professional Creation Session.Year 2020 somehow is frustrating and the songwriters are one of the most impacted groups during the pandemic. In order to keep social distance and in whatever way MÜST wants to help its members to connect each other, it brought both the Professional Creation Session and its successful annual event - International Songwriting Camp online from this June to August.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, MÜST invites its members to share their experience and tips about creating songs, and even their personal life in the music industry.Every Tuesday and Thursday, one team a day with 3-4 writers needs to complete a song 1)with the designated genre 2)in 8 hours 3)before they talk about their co-writing online to the viewers on MÜST’s FB fanpage. As long as the team achieves the 3 requirements, every participant will receive the completion bonus planned to encourage the songwriters to keep writing in this difficult time. 



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