Live music industry could lose 170,000 jobs by end of 2020, new report warns

International MUSIC - 28 Nov 2020

  • Revenue for the live music sector has plummeted since large gatherings were banned due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The live music industry is facing the loss of 170,000 jobs before the end of the year if the government withdraws its support, a new report claims.

The report warned that 26,000 permanent jobs and a further 144,000 self-employment and freelance roles could effectively cease to exist.


It found that revenue for the live music sector had plummeted to almost zero since March, while the drop of 81 per cent compared to 2019 is four times the national average.

Independent research conducted by Chris Carey and Tim Chambers for Media Insight Consulting also looked at the positive impact of the government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund.

However, the research also reported that 80 per cent of employees are still reliant on the furlough scheme, which ends this month.


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