Metallica' shows the current situation of performing art

International MUSIC - 22 Jul 2020

'Metallica' shows the current situation of performing art

Rhydhima Raj / Los Angeles
ris song by 'Metallica' shows the current situation of per-forming art. Corona virus is causing the art of performing fade to black bit by bit. The most affect-ed are the artists, the performers, the singers, the musicians. A six-month shutdown is esti-mated to cost the music industry more than $10bn. Only 83 countries are there today having their entire revenues of more than what Hollywood Music Industry is losing. Musicians dream to perform in front of the live audience and 2020 being the most unfortunate year in the history has badly affected the lives of performers drastically. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Elton John, Madonna, Boney-M,John Lennon were some of the outstanding artists who were known for their performances. They won millions of hearts and people went bonkers to watch them per-form live be it any nook and corner of the world. The Hollywood Music industry has been hit hard by coronavirus with live performance revenue the

biggest casualty. Alternative for live shows like zoom live sessions or zoom concerts is now trending but with a lot of loopholes and no gross income for the artists. Even though, interestingly, India makes a popu-lation of 1.38bn (138 Crores) peo-ple, hardly 2500 Composers & 650 Singers are registered as performing artists with their concerned associ-ations or societies which are IPRS
and ISRA respectively. On the other hand, the population of the US is almost 1/5th as that of India still we see growth of almost around 250x (250 times) more of the registered artists (Registered musicians with ASCAF; USA are 7,35,000) an more than 200 times less collection (only 6.5 million Dollar) compare to ASCAP, USA (1.3 Billion Dollar) loss. And why only US? UK, France,
Japan, Brazil they all are heavy-weights as far as music world is concerned. The crisis is likely to accelerate underlying trends in the music industry in the US, based on the importance of streaming, which has grown from 9% to 47% of total industry revenues in just six years. Yesterday seems as though it never existed for the Music industry and the artists around the globe. Not only for music industry or performing world, across all art sec-tors, The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant thwack Numerous music events, music festivals, con-cert tours, award shows, public per-formances and the like were can-celled. Many artists elected to stream performances online. Virtual con-certs, such as the 'Heart Living Room Concert for America Artists Rice Christine and the Queens, Ben Gibbard, and Katharine McPhee and so many others are doing daily livestre am performances from their homes. Several major brands including Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Metallica offered free live streams.


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