MCAI - 04 Sep 2019

It was an evening to cherish. New singers Ishaan Khan, Abhishek, Satwinder and Jatin regaled a select media gathering on 25th August at a cosy villa at Santacruz in Bombay by belting out hit Bollywood songs from films old and new. Their voice quality belied the fact that they were red herrings. This was their first brush with the media although it did not seem so. In fact, they had the media people take to the dance floor with their renditions. These four and many more like them will be introduced by a new company, B Live Music, owned by Mahesh Kukreja.

Kukreja is not new to the film industry. Some years back, he had started out as a distributor of films in the C.P. Berar circuit. Although he stopped distribution after a few films, his touch with the film industry remained intact through friends in this world. The young man has a keen ear for music and a nose to smell talent. In fact, all the above-mentioned four singers have been hand-picked by him from different parts of the country. Mahesh has provided them a platform to fulfill their dreams. Says the man behind B Live Music, “There is so much talent in India but many of the talented people don’t get even one chance to prove themselves because the barriers are too many and the system is such that one cannot make inroads into the industry till he or she is well-connected. My company has been formed to give independent music makers a chance to grow. Any talented singer, music composer or song writer has the freedom to walk in, provided he has the drive and the fire in his belly.” Kukreja’s B Live Music itself is driven by passion which he has in abundance. Obviously, passion isn’t legal tender in the country and so Kukreja has had to invest many lakhs of rupees to realise his passion and to fulfill the dreams of the talented people without Godfathers in the industry. He already has a bank of many songs, some of which have been shot in Thailand, no less. In fact, the media was shown the videos of the songs picturised in Thailand, before the live rendition by the four singers started.

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