Salim Merchant on recreated songs: ‘We are stopping original music to be composed

MCAI - 19 May 2019

Singer-composer Salim Merchant isn’t very happy with the increasing number of recreationsbeing used in Bollywood films. In fact, the 45-year-old says he is “worried” about the trend and fears that its increasing popularity will have a big impact on original music. “By getting [more and more] recreations we are stopping original music to be composed. That’s a threat to our industry if recreations keep getting popular even more,” he says.

“There was good original music about 10 years ago, but all that has stopped now. There’s not enough good original music that is being done now and I am worried about that,” adds Salim, one half of the popular music composing duo, Salim-Sulaiman, who are known for composing for films such as Kaal (2004), Fashion (2008) and 102 Not Out (2018).

Salim vows that he isn’t planning to work on recreations either. “I know a lot of musicians who see it as a cool thing to do, but I’m not too big on the recreations of old classics,” says Salim, who has been a part of the second season of T Series’ Mix-Tape.



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