MCAI - 20 Apr 2022

Following the election of Abhay Kumar Sinha as president of the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA) at the first meeting of the newly-elected executive committee held soon after elections for the executive committee on 9th April, the following office-bearers were elected at the executive committee meeting held today (11th):

Ashoke Pandit and Sushama Shiromanee – senior vice presidents
Ratnakar Kumar and Tinu Verma – vice presidents
Babubhai Thiba – hon. treasurer
Kukoo Kohli – general secretary
Atul Patel – joint secretary.

Nishant Ujjwal was elected hon. general secretary for the FMC, and Pradeep Singh, hon. treasurer for the FMC. Harsukhbhai Dhaduk was elected hon. treasurer for the CHAMPP.


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