Armaan Malik on winning his second EMA: It is a surreal feeling

MCAI - 22 Nov 2022

This is the second time Armaan Malik has won this trophy, his debut single Control, being the first one in his kitty. Read the exclusive interview.


On Sunday, singer Armaan Malik won the coveted Europe Music Award 2022 for his track You under the Best India Act category. This is the second time Malik has won this trophy, his debut single Control, being the first one in his kitty.

“It is a surreal feeling,” Malik shares. He adds, “A lot of my amazing contemporaries were on the coveted list and when I heard the news (of the EMA win) it felt like all the love as well as hard work finally paid off. I’m humbled and overjoyed to win my second EMA.”

The 26-year-old calls You “a very special record” for him, which landed him the trophy the second time. “It is extremely heartwarming. My family, close friends, team, and fans have been and will always be supportive of my process so when they first heard the winning announcement they all were extremely elated. They’ve been with me from day one. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans and well-wishers who voted for me. The amount of love and support I have received from Armaanians all over the world is truly unprecedented and fills me with gratitude. This one’s for them, my family and my country,” Malik elaborates.

The singer wore a Manish Malhotra outfit for the red carpet. Ask him what went behind getting his look right and he explains, “When the team brainstormed on ideas for the best look for me for the night, they knew this was going to be one of the highlight moments for me (in 2022) and taking the excitement into context, the sleek look was put together. I was sure about the colour along with the saintly vibe that I wanted to carry, hence, we went with a polished, off beat 3-piece suit.”

Walking on such an illustrious red carpet must have been daunting but not for Malik. Talking about the moment, he shares, “It hit me when I stepped out of the car and walked towards the main event and took that first step. If I could adequately explain the moment I would, but I’m still gathering my thoughts and the right response to react to this monumental event.”

Travelling to Los Angeles and bring in a room full of talented musicians was a “one-of-a-kind” experience for the singer. “Having seen the stars on your screen and then existing under the roof as them is an unfathomable experience. Just being around them, seeing them perform live and enjoying every bit of it was something I was dearly looking forward to,” he wraps up.


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